Spring is the best time to get motivated

Everyone knows New Years is when you make resolutions. That’s when everyone creates their lists of things they want to do in the coming year. That’s when everyone works on that list for a couple weeks and then promptly forgets it exists.

New Years is a terrible time to set resolutions. It’s cold out. Parties are still happening. We are still eating terribly and overall motivation is relatively low. Spring, however, is a great time to start working on goals! The sun is out. Everyone is getting more active because the season is changing. This is the time of year when people actually want to start working on projects. It’s just easier to get stuff done.

Every spring I have a renewed sense of purpose and that is the time of year and I tend to get the most committed to my goals. Thinking back, this is generally the time I get re-inspired to work on my fitness goals and start spending more time outside. So I thought it would be valuable to make it my formal resolution time.

As of this year, spring time is the new official resolution season. You can reuse your New Years resolutions if you want or you can write some new ones. But go sit out on the porch, soak up some sun, and decide to make your life better this summer. Use the extra energy that comes with springtime to your advantage and get started on all those projects you’ve been putting off. I’m certain you will get more done in the next couple of weeks than you’ve accomplished since New Years.